I can’t remember exactly when I had the idea to make these Valentine’s treats, but I know it was several months ago and I was so determined to make them that I put them on my Google calendar to remind me 🙂  And finally – determined to get them posted before Valentine’s, I made them last night and I’m going to share with you How to Make Valentine’s Heart Petit Fours!  YAY!

For my tutorial, I only used half a sheet of petit fours (and really – not even all of that), because that’s what I had left over from another order.   So just keep that in mind when looking at my pics… I only made a few to show you – not a whole pan!  This cake was filled only with cream cheese frosting (which is difficult to see), but raspberry filling would be perfect for these!

Start with the baked, filled & frosted petit four cake.  I have all the instructions here.  I also had the cake chilled in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before starting.

Next up, take your small heart cookie cutter and cut out the cakes.    Oooh, let me show you how to get the cake out of the cookie cutter.  First press it into the cake as you see above, then pick it up and gently press the cake up from the bottom.  See what I mean here:

for full recipes please see :

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